Luc Vincent

Palo Alto, CA
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Senior tech executive with a decade experience leading large, globally distributed engineering teams, and turning innovation into material business impact.Strong technical background in computer vision, mapping, robotics, geospatial imagery, machine learning, large scale systems, image processing & analysis, document imaging, and more. Equally effective in startup or large company environments.Experienced leading cross-functional efforts involving software engineering, hardware development, product management, partnerships, operations, finance, sales, and more.



Feb 2017-present
Executive Vice President, Autonomous Technology (Feb 2019-present)
Vice President, Autonomous Technology (Engineering & Product) (2017-2019)

Lead Lyft's fast growing Self-Driving Division. In particular, I bootstrapped the ``Level 5 Engineering Center'', Lyft's ambitious push to build a Self-Driving System (software & hardware) specifically focused on Transportation as a Service. I am also responsible for Lyft's Autonomous Open Platform initiative, and a range of supporting technologies, notably HD Mapping and Machine Learning platform tools.

This division is headquartered in Palo Alto, with offices in Munich, London and San Francisco. It has grown to over 300 engineers and product managers in about 18 months. Our mission is to launch self-driving cars at scale on the Lyft network, alongside with AVs from our Open Platform partners.

Before focusing 100% on autonomous technology, I also had responsibility for Lyft's Marketplace Division. I led a number of critical core services for Lyft, including accurate real-time location services for passengers and drivers, routing, supply/demand matching, pricing, predicted and real-time traffic, event prediction and detection, multimodal navigation, crowdsourcing, mapping and more.

Google, Inc.

My career at Google has focused on products and platforms based on the collection and organization of geographic imagery at global scale. The most well-known is Google Street View, but it is only one of the many projects and products I have been responsible for starting and scaling over my 12 year tenure with the company.

Senior Director, Engineering & Product (2012-2017)

Led globally distributed Geo Imagery organization including several hundred engineers, product managers, operations managers, technical program managers, and other functions, plus a much larger number of temps and vendors. Org is headquartered in Mountain View, CA, but includes (or has included) teams in Boulder, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Beijing, Paris, Zürich and Munich. Mission is to (1) efficiently capture petabytes of imagery around in the world, from cars, boats, planes, satellites, web crawls, power users, etc; (2) organize pixels: georeference, align, stitch, blend, orthorectify, 3D-reconstruct, recognize objects, index geographically & by content, and more; (3) use imagery and derived semantics to power a range of Google platforms, data quality efforts, end-user products (eg, Google Maps & Google Earth) and emerging initiatives.

Director, Engineering (2008-2012)

Led Mountain View, CA, and Zürich-based engineering team responsible for scaling Google Street View. Drove efforts to apply the Street View ``formula'' to adjacent areas (eg, aerial/satellite imagery), thereby reducing engineering complexity and fragmentation. Championed and grew Google's efforts to derive exponentially more value from these global imagery assets.

Uber Tech Lead / Engineering Manager (2004-2008)

Responsible for several engineering aspects of Google Book Search. Head of Google OCR-related initiatives. Founder and leader of multiple novel engineering efforts, including Street View.

Angel Investing & Advising

Investor and/or advisor in 20+ startups since 2012. Investments range from $10k to $200k depending on the situation:

LizardTech, Inc.

LizardTech, Inc. (LTI)'s business was focused on the compression and efficient distribution of complex imaging content.In 2000, LTI acquired the DjVu document compression and delivery technology from AT&T Labs, which is why I decided to join. Despite our efforts, DjVu never gained broad acceptance, but over a decade later it remains state-of-the-art for scanned document compression and representation.

Vice President, Document Imaging (2003-2004)

Responsible for all aspects of the LTI document imaging product line, including, marketing, strategy, product management, partnerships, etc.

Chief Scientist, Document Imaging (2001-2003)

Share time evenly between technical activities, product development and business development, for the DjVu product line.

Director of Applied Research, Document Imaging (2000-2001)

Led DjVu Applied Research team while remaining active individual contributor.

Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Advanced Systems Development Laboratory

The Adanced Systems Development Lab (ASD)'s mission was twofold: help Xerox realize the value of PARC research through effective technology transfer; bring business group needs and perspective back to PARC.

Manager, Imaging Components & Services

Led a team of 8 researchers and developers. Supported ASD's mission in the area of imaging through development of rock-solid sofware components. Collaborated with other PARC teams and coordinated efforts with geographically distributed Xerox business groups.

ScanSoft, Inc.

ScanSoft, a document management software company, was born out of the merger of Xerox Imaging Systems (XIS, a subsidiary) and a Xerox group called Software Solutions Division (SSD). In 1999, Scansoft went public through a ``reverse merger'' with Visioneer and in 2005 it merged with Nuance and took its name.

Director, Advanced Development, ScanSoft (Palo Alto, CA, 1997-1999)

Director, Software Development, Xerox Software Solutions Division (Palo Alto, CA, 1996-1997)

Manager, Image Processing and Analysis, Xerox Imaging Systems (Peabody, MA, 1995-1996)

Member of Technical Staff, Xerox Imaging Systems (Peabody, MA, 1991-1995)

Harvard University, Robotics Laboratory

Postdoctoral Fellow

École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, France

Associate Research Fellow

Independent Consultant

In the 1990s and early 2000s, I had a lot of very interesting consulting assignments on the side, in fields including medical imaging, remote sensing, industrial inspection, optometry, and oil exploration. Some key customers and projects include:


Ph.D. in Morphological Image Processing, École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, France, 1990

Masters (``Diplôme d'Études Avancées'') in Computer Science, Paris XI University, France, 1987

B.S. (``Diplôme d'Ingénieur''), Majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science, Ecole Polytechnique, France, 1986